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Even in markets where candidates are plenty, communicate well and often with your candidates and strengthen your employer brand and outcome.

Improve Communications with Your Candidates

“I understand that the market changed, but I put in a lot of effort crafting my resume and filling out pages and pages of information in their ATS. In this day and age, I can’t believe that the system can’t be set up in such a way that I receive a simple note stating I

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Recruitment isn't an easy job. You need to have specific skills to be able to be successful in this field. Here's the five top skills.
Recruitment Process

The Five Skills Every Recruiter Should Have

“A recruiter wears many hats, all at the same time. There’s a bit of sales, marketing, investigative journalist and planner, all rolled into one. It’s not a role that anyone can just do. You need to possess the right skills and mindset in order to be successful.” We agree. To be successful in this particularly

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Simplify your recruitment process. Save time and improve the candidate experience in the recruitment process by automating key steps. Here's how you can do that.

Simplify your Recruitment Process by Optimizing Automation

When you’re in recruitment, you deal with people all the time. The ‘human aspect’ is very important and in many cases, the deciding factor whether the candidate is a fit. But that shouldn’t mean that you should do the work yourself. If there’s anything I have learned working in this field, it’s that using technology

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Use This Time to Improve your Recruitment Processes

“This is the perfect time for improving the recruitment processes, and my skills. I have never experienced anything like this. Not being able to go to my office, and work. To quickly check in with my candidates or just having trouble reaching my hiring manager. This pandemic changed the way that I am productive. But

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