Use This Time to Improve your Recruitment Processes


“This is the perfect time for improving the recruitment processes, and my skills. I have never experienced anything like this. Not being able to go to my office, and work. To quickly check in with my candidates or just having trouble reaching my hiring manager. This pandemic changed the way that I am productive. But I am using the extra time I have to prepare myself. That way, I will be ready and among the best when this is over. So, I am taking courses and learning new skills. Netflix can wait.”

The coronavirus has changed the world dramatically, and that includes the world that recruiters operate in. Some companies have slowed down their recruitment or halted it altogether. Other companies still hire, or are even increasing their hiring initiatives. And the work needs to be done remotely. In nearly all cases that means, you’re working from home.

For the majority of recruiters it means that business and work has slowed down. You’ve got extra time on your hands. And when the final credits of the Tiger King run across the screen, the Honey-Do list is completed and the kids have left the room, it means that you have time for yourself.

And because you are smart, dedicated, and driven, you ensure you are improving your recruitment processes, your desk and your portfolio, and yourself. Let’s discuss some of the things you can do to make good use of the time you have.

Do your job well

Before we dive into the recruitment process improvements, make sure that what you do, you do really, really well. Give at least 100%, and execute all tasks at hand with perfection. Make sure you call back the people reaching out to you, proactively talking to hiring managers or clients. Ensure your information is fully up to date, complete and accurate. Time is no longer a good excuse, so you’d better deliver. But on the other hand, this is also the moment to shine. With that done, let’s focus on what you can do extra.  

Improving your desk  

This is the perfect time for cleaning up, and to do the things you have not been able to do because you were focused on filling the vacancies first and foremost. You know what we’re talking about. Update your recruitment tools and systems with contact data, updates, discussion notes, and other bits of information. Complete meeting and interview notes, so that you can easily go back and understand them. Archive documents, resumes, offers, notes, and clean up your desk. Not only will you thank yourself once the business has picked up once again, it also helps you start the day in a good way, sitting behind a clean, organized, and tidy desk.  

Check in with candidates

You can also take the time to check in with the candidates you have “on file”. In many recruitment processes, you end up with people that don’t seem a good fit for that particular role, but have skills or attributes that make them attractive for the company or future positions. Set up calls – or even better video conferences – with them, and engage those candidates to your brand and company and prepare them for those roles.  

And tools, make sure you are up to date on the techniques you use. Spend some time analyzing tools you’ve always wanted to check out.  We at AskAway have been working on a tool that will expedite your interviews, you won’t believe how easy it is to interview 5 people in 25 minutes.  And with a 30 day free trial, it is a great deal! Set up an account, and see for yourself!

Improving your portfolio

At the moment of writing, the unemployment numbers have skyrocketed in the United States, and the field outside looks grim. One can assume that the market will tighten again once this is over and life turns back to normal. Now, you can prepare yourself by analyzing the market.

  • What are the industries that are still hiring, or,
  • Which jobs are still in demand?
  • Do you have a network in the field of those roles?
  • What can you do to penetrate that market?

Design a plan of action for yourself, and execute.

Look at the types of companies or the industry you do your heavy lifting. Use the slow hours of the day to map out the key players and critical talent in those organizations, so you have a perfect understanding of the market.

Improving yourself

Being cooped up inside the house, presumably with snacks around, and thousands of hours on on-demand video streaming is a recipe for disaster. With no sporting events to speak of, many TV stations and online video platforms have reruns of special events available. The other day, one of the platforms aired the 2018 Indy 500 race, which was almost 2.5 hours long. Although it was a cool event and worth watching, the 2.5 hours naturally is time that would be far better spent working on yourself.

Many successful people believe in getting up early, and doing a meaningful exercise and mediation in the morning before the day starts. They say it does wonders for productivity and sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day.

Gyms are closed, but many – if not all – state and local governments allow for walking, jogging and riding bicycles. That means, you can take your exercise outdoors. Gyms have online coaching classes, producers of stationary bikes and treadmills have extensive programs for online classes, live, taped, one-on-one and in classes. Taking part in exercising has never been easier.

During the mentioned rest of the day is the time to improve your skills and abilities. You may have the time to go for that accreditation, and put in the time to study now. Read up on the latest tools and tricks in the world of recruitment. Connect with colleagues and companions in the field and build you network.

You could check the possibilities to obtain other skills that make you a broader and more versatile professional. You could look into becoming a certified assessor in an assessment tool you like and believe in, become a certified resume writer or a career coach.

With hours ahead of you every day for as long as the situation lasts, you can hopefully spare a few and do something meaningful. As said, there is hardly a better time for improving your recruitment processes and yourself. Your future self in a few months from now will thank you.

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