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Not every recruiter appreciates them, but many recruiters and recruiters do: a personable, tailored cover letter. Here's how to stand out.
Recruitment Process

When to Include a Cover Letter

Cover letters with applications – by some seen as archaic, unnecessary and time consuming for recruiters. Including one will put you behind applicants that don’t. By others seen as a perfect way to show that you care, a tool to explain certain gaps or issues on your resume, or when you want to add things

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Recruitment Process

5 Tips for ATS Success

“For every position, a corporate job posting receives 250 applications. Only 4-6 of those will be interviewed. 75% of all submitted resumes will be rejected without ever being seen by a human recruiter.” Source: How to Get to the Interview Phase By now, you know that here at AskAway, we are all about the

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5 Thing to Ensure your Resume Stands Out

5 Things to Make Sure Your Resume Stands Out

When I open a vacancy, I receive sometimes, hundreds of resumes. A few are bad, a few are very good and the majority is mediocre. And it’s not just that the experience or background is good, or bad. Sometimes the resume itself isn’t good. Now, with unemployment numbers at record highs, it has never been

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