Texting in Recruitment – the latest trick to make recruitment better

Instead of email, texting ensures a quick and effective and mostly personal way of communicating with your candidates. Here's how to lead.

In the field of marketing, specialists are always looking at better ways to communicate with their target audience. Customers, clients, buyers and potential employees. Having more direct, more engaging and more authentic ways to talk to them, is important in the process of sustaining and growing business.

This also applies to recruiters. If you talk to your candidates in the most effective way, you create an edge over your competition, and solidify the relationship you’re building with your candidates from early on. It sounds harsh, but recruitment is a zero sum game. If someone else gets the candidate, that means that you don’t. That means that you have to be better, quicker and more effective compared to your competition.

So, what’s the latest?


There are software and service providers that offer texting as a service, in some cases partly replacing email. And there are good reasons, too. Text is a more effective way of communicating. It is more personal and more direct, and that shows in the numbers, too.

  • Email opening rates are around 20%. The opening rate for text is 98%. 98%!
  • Roughly 95% of texts are on average read within 3 minutes. But even better: the majority is read within a mere 5 seconds!
  • Email response rates are notoriously bad – about 6%. For texting, this is 45%.
  • Where email respondents take 90 minutes to respond, texters usually respond within 90 seconds.

The Process

Because text is perceived as so personal, you have to do it right. Your message needs to be welcomed, adding value and being to the point. Spamming a candidate with texts will only get you blocked. Make sure your recruitment team understands and agrees to the rules or engagement.

One of the important things is to ensure you use dedicated software for texts. If you use the phone of one of the recruiters, you don’t have any control over the messages and narrative. You also miss easy access and a trail of messages. If you use software, you can have the team work together and send messages to the candidates, who-ever is available. It also ensures you can add links, to documents, agenda planning tools, et cetera.

Easy communication

Once you start texting, your candidates are likely to continue texting with you, which means that you have an efficient, effective and personal tool available to you. Short, concise and to-the-point messages and a nice and compact process. Implement it at this point, and you will be at the leading edge, as one of the first to implement.

About us

We are all about making the recruitment process as effective as possible. Limit the burden on your hiring, increasing the candidate experience, and just overall, improving your recruitment process.

AskAway improves your candidate’s recruitment experience. We disrupt the way recruitment is done, by eliminating the need to plan and schedule time-consuming meetings in packed agendas and by offering tools to record or even prerecord interviews.

This allows you and your hiring team the opportunity to share and analyze the candidates for your interviews when it suits you. We pre-screen so you don’t have to: talk about the ultimate time management tool.

Contact us to find out more, or sign up for a no-strings attached free demo of our tool here.

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