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We have been sharing a lot of information, tips and advice on how to run the best recruitment campaigns and how to maximize your success when you’re interviewing for a job. In addition, we also talked about the technology behind successful recruitment and how to implement that in a way that supports the organization’s goals

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In order to win the war on talent, you have to bring your best to the table. Here's how to make sure you excel in the interview.

How to Bring your A-Game to the Recruitment Table

Recruitment isn’t an easy job. You have to be on it at all times. You need to be sharp, listen for clues, ask the right questions and never, ever drift off. So, I ensure I excel using gallons of coffee, a good preparation and I follow up on actions immediately. I know that as a

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5 Tips to Improve the Interview Process
Recruitment Process

5 Tips to Optimize the Interview Process

Implement a solid interview process and save yourself a lot of pain and hassle down the line. Avoid disappointed candidates and frustrated hiring managers, and keep yourself from being caught in the middle. Use these easy tips on how to improve your process, just like I have. I have been part of interview panels for

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“Tell me about yourself” — Tips on how to answer it

“I ask the question, “tell me about yourself?”, because I genuinely want to learn about the person behind the resume. But the number of times candidates stumble and fall when answering this question, is staggering. I have had to interrupt candidates that started talking about their childhood, college internship and details about their first job.

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