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Sharing too much, whether in the job interview or online, may hurt your chances of getting the job. Be Mindful of what you share. Here's how.

Be Deliberate In What You Share

“In sales, one of the most important skills is to know when you need to be quiet. You hear that after you deliver your pitch, “the first one to speak, loses”. Same applies for when you close the sale. You need to know when to stop talking. If you feel or think that you have

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Build your employer brand and increase the effectiveness of your recruitment process by avoiding common recruiting and interview mistakes.

Most Common Recruiter Mistakes (and How to Avoid them)

I see recruiting as a crucial part of my marketing efforts. If my team works well, candidates will fall in love with my brand just based on the interaction with my recruiters. But if they don’t deliver service with the customers in mind, it will hurt the experience and how they feel about my company

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5 tips to nail your job interview

How to Nail Your Job Interview

No matter how you look at it, and how much experience you have in interviewing, the interview is never easy. You\’re probably nervous: there is a lot riding on it, you\’re likely not the only one for the role, and for most people it is hard to showcase themselves, and think of good answers to

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How To Successfully Plan for A Video Interview
Video Interview

5 Tips for Successful Video Interviews

“I still remember my first video interview, back in the day. It took me a good 15 minutes to feel comfortable with the screen and the camera. And I was the HR Manager! I perfectly understand candidates being uneasy or conscious. But preparation is half the work. Don’t show up for a video interview and

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