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Closing the recruitment process correctly means that you preserve your brand and minimze efforts for future roles. Here's how.

How to Close the Recruitment Process Correctly

Recruiting is a field that modernizes continuously. Companies use ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems, highly effective automatized processes and Artificial Intelligence. Systems like this make it easier to be more efficient. When you’re dealing with high volumes and a heavy desk, that can be the difference between staying one step ahead of the game or

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In order to win the war on talent, you have to bring your best to the table. Here's how to make sure you excel in the interview.

How to Bring your A-Game to the Recruitment Table

Recruitment isn’t an easy job. You have to be on it at all times. You need to be sharp, listen for clues, ask the right questions and never, ever drift off. So, I ensure I excel using gallons of coffee, a good preparation and I follow up on actions immediately. I know that as a

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