Recruitment New Year Resolutions

For 2021, these new year's resolutions will help you become more successful and provide a better service. Here's our list.

Happy New Year, everybody. It’s official – we have left 2020 behind us. And 2021 is here, filling us with positivity and drive. Today, we want to provide you with a list to help you create New Year’s resolutions for your recruitment efforts.

As we reflect at the end of the year, at the beginning of the year is common practice to make new year’s resolutions. For you, dear recruitment specialist, we have decided to help you a little bit and draft a list of resolutions that may help you have an even more successful year. In no particular order, how about the following items?

1. Maximize Your Professionalism

If there was ever a profession that relies on relationships, it’s recruitment. Practically every person you talk to, is a potential employee of your company. Even if it’s not for the role you’re currently actively recruiting for, it may be a role down the line.

Building a bench is a constant practice. You become more effective if you keep your ears and eyes open in every interaction you have. Bring up your role and invite people to send in your details, and for that, keep your business cards handy.

2. Make Every Thing You Do About the Candidate

In order to stand out to the competition, you need to bring differential performance. Yes, your company’s name, the roles and compensation package play a massive role, but in many instances, you are one of the first company representatives candidates encounter.

The processes you have in place, are also among the first they go through. So, make 2021 the year where you improve the candidate experience. And that can be through simple things.

Always respond to candidates reaching out to you, and close out all applications, including the unsuccessful ones in the process. I fully understand that this means a lot, a lot! of work but it will improve how candidates view your company and brand.

3. Use Dead Time to Work on Pro-Active Sourcing

A good job board on your company’s website will definitely continue to attract good candidates, and the well-known job boards will remain effective in building a good pool of potential candidates. But you may not find the “Perfect Candidate”.

The Perfect Candidate may not be looking or otherwise miss a role you have open. When time allows, actively hunt for potential candidates that may fit roles in your company. You can look for attitude and potential –if you’re able to assess that, but if that is difficult, you can search for candidates that have profiles that fit common roles at your organization.

When you search, make an effort to search on social media. To solidify your message, you can include boosting your and your company’s profile by posting relevant content, and build a name.

4. Learn a Skill and Obtain Certification

It has been clear in 2020 that you need to have something extra to stand out. And with many candidates having similar backgrounds, experience and profiles, it’s the accomplishments that set you apart.

It is still helpful to certify yourself in relevant areas. Think of HR certifications, project management or career coaching. A bit more expensive and difficult to pin-point is to look at assessment methods, as well.

5. Strengthen Your Internal Reputation

Another helpful use of your time is to forge and strengthen your internal relationships. Especially when the workload is heavy, it is difficult to find the time to connect with hiring managers. However, getting a good understanding of the hiring managers’ needs, way of working and specifics, will help you get up to speed more quickly. It will also help to prevent hiring managers connecting with external recruiters and going down paths you’d rather not see. If you have strong relationships with the teams you support, it will practically guarantee that you’ll be on top of mind when there are questions or requests from external specialists, and more importantly, you’ll quickly be part of the team. That all will dramatically improve your success in your job.

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