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Can You Relate?

The time comes to add someone new to your team. You shudder at the thought of having to go through the whole hiring process again

Nothing Lies like a Resume...

In today’s job market, it’s easy to skate by on a spruced-up resume. How often have you called someone in for an interview only to realize that they’ve crossed the line from enhancing their resume to lying on it?

Hiring Offshore?

Laggy connections, different time zones, and interviews late into the night practically guarantee neither you or your candidate will be at your best. But what other choice do you have? It comes with the territory…

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that please?"

Live meetings are great! Until the connection drops, and you spend more time troubleshooting technology than getting to know the person. 

How Good Are Your Notes?

The awkward pauses. The missed nonverbal cues. How much of an interview gets bogged down by taking notes? What information do you miss out on simply because there isn’t a better way to remember what a candidate said?

Panel Interviews?

As if it wasn’t complicated enough, now you have to find a time that works for everyone. Coordinating schedules for two people can be a bear, how about three, four, or five?

Comparing Feedback...

The interview is over, but the work has just begun. Now comes the process of comparing notes and reaching a decision. It’s doable… but what if we could make it easier?


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