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Pre-screening interviews have never been

AskAway was created by managers who understand how hard this process can be. From scheduling panel interviews, meeting with candidates, and sorting out the good ones, this process can be painful. AskAway will make it enjoyable, we promise.

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So Much Win!

With a huge list of benefits to using AskAway, it'll feel like you can't stop winning!

For interviewers:
  • Create and use templates of questions based on Company, Department, Job, or Manager.
  • Schedule interviews without looking at your calendar
  • Invite panel members to the interview by simply providing an email
  • Watch the recorded interview when time allows
  • Share the interview with your team leads and get their input
  • Compare answers from questions across a grid of candidates

Act like a boss

Interview like a boss

Terminate the interview the moment you make your decision. Why waste any more time?
Invite anyone to review the candidates before you make a decision
Rate and comment on each of the candidate’s questions, and choose the one everyone likes.
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NO MORE PAIN of those interview for you

Pain Free

Panel interviews … done!

How long do you spend trying to schedule a panel interview? Trying to find an hour when all the members in your panel are available at the same time is nearly impossible, meanwhile good candidates find jobs somewhere else.

AskAway takes care of video recording your candidate’s answers to your questions, and then share them with the members of your panel. It couldn’t be any easier, I swear … I’ve been there.

Grid up

Candidate interview grid

Imagine a grid where the candidates are the columns and the questions are the rows, and where they intersect, you can click on the play button and you will see and hear the candidate’s answer to that question. You can even rate the answer and leave a comment for all the members of your panel. That is the definition of awesome.

What are you waiting for? Login and see our Candidate View Grid, it's simplify a life a lot!
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Try the FastStart interview … it’s free!

The best way to get started with using AskAway is by clicking on the FastStart button. The process is simple and easy, and you will get to schedule your first interview for Free. Just make sure you have the following info:

  • Admin Contact Info (this could be you)
  • Manager Contact Info (this could be you too!)
  • Candidate(s) Contact Info (this is definitely NOT you)
  • Department and Job Titles
  • Questions to ask and time allotted for each answer

That’s it. If you have the answers to these questions, you are all set.

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