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Can You Relate?

It’s time to bring on a new team member. The hiring process isn’t exactly the most fun, but it’s gotta be done to find the right fit.

Nothing Lies like a Resume...

Resumes can be pretty dishonest. In today’s job market, it’s easy for people to make themselves look better on paper than they actually are. How many times have you called someone in for an interview, only to realize they’ve straight-up lied on their resume?

Hiring Offshore?

Interviews that go late into the night, different time zones, and bad internet connections are a recipe for a less-than-great interview experience for both you and the candidate. But what are you gonna do? It’s just part of the deal…

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that please?"

Live meetings can be really cool! But they can also be a pain when the connection drops and you end up spending more time trying to fix the technology than actually getting to know the person.

How Good Are Your Notes?

Taking manual notes is a hassle. You have to constantly pause the conversation to write things down and there’s a risk of missing important details or misunderstanding what was said. Video recording is a much better option because it allows you to have a record of the entire conversation that you can easily refer back to and it frees up your hands to participate in the conversation.

Panel Interviews?

Jeez, coordinating schedules is already a pain as it is, but throw in a few more people and it becomes a nightmare. Like seriously, trying to find a time that works for just two people can be a struggle, so imagine trying to find a time that works for three, four, or even five people. It’s a total headache.

Comparing Feedback...

Comparing interview notes with your team can be a real pain. Everyone has their own perspective and may have focused on different things, and some people may have missed important details or misunderstood what was said. It takes forever to sit down with everyone and go through all the notes, and there’s always the risk of miscommunication or disagreement. Overall, it’s a tedious and time-consuming process that requires careful consideration and good communication to make sure all the relevant information is taken into account.


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