With AskAway's one-way video interview, you can simplify your interview process and find your perfect candidate in record time.
Eliminate interview challenges and discover top talent faster with AskAway's one-way video interviews.

How Does It Work?

Screen the Applicants

Choose the resumes that meet your initial criteria from the stack of applicants for the opportunity.

Send Invitations from

Use AskAway to enter your selected candidates and inform them via email about the opportunity for a one-way video interview.

Evaluate Candidates' responses

Once the candidate completes the interview, you’ll receive an email notification. You can assess their answers in the AskAway candidate grid for evaluation.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Need a second opinion on a candidate? Share the candidate grid with your team or colleagues  and get a well-rounded evaluation. Get the right candidate, every time.

Conduct an Inhouse Interview

Are you excited about the pre-screening results? Fantastic! Proceed with in-house interviews, knowing you have a strong group of exceptional candidates.

See how it works

Watch the Demo video showing how easy it is to set up an automated one-way interview to find the best candidate.

Interviewing is a Hassle!

It’s time to bring on a new team member. Unfortunately, it always ends up taking too much work, creating headaches, and taking way too much time. The interview process isn’t exactly the most fun, but in the past, it had to be done to find the right fit.

Does Any of This sound familiar?

Your competitive Advantage

With AskAway, you gain a critical edge. The candidate grid swiftly presents candidates to clients and peers, showcasing video responses where they intersect. Time is saved, decision-making is expedited, and opportunities aren't missed. Harness the power of AskAway to elevate your interviewing game and stay ahead.

Founder of

As a hiring manager, I know how tough it can be to interview candidates for your team. That’s why I created AskAway. I was fed up with all the frustration and wanted to build a tool that would save me time. And that’s exactly what we did.

So, I designed this tool to be helpful to you, whether you're a hiring manager, a professional recruiter, or an HR manager.

Leo Gonzalez

Frequently Asked Questions

AskAway revolutionizes the interview process by providing unmatched flexibility and efficiency. Through the candidate grid, it enables fair comparisons among candidates while eliminating geographical and time constraints, resulting in a more effective and equitable selection process.

What makes us stand out is AskAway’s distinctive feature of showcasing candidates in a grid format, allowing you to play, rate, comment, and share their responses.

Once you have used up your free interviews, you will have the opportunity to purchase interview packages that cater to your needs. Simply click on “Buy Interviews,” and the system will present you with a selection of available interview packages for purchase.

Our free trial is a bit different – it’s all about the interviews you’ve got lined up, not about time ticking away. So, your trial keeps rolling as long as you’ve still got interviews in your package. Enjoy!

AskAway offers 3 different pricing tiers. Silver, Gold, and Diamond plans. The “Silver” offers 10 interviews at $50, the “Gold” plan offers 100 interviews at $450 (10% discount), and the “Diamond” plan offers 500 interviews at $2,000 (20% discount).

“When you decide to purchase a package, start by clicking the ‘Buy Interviews’ button. The system will then ask you which package you want to buy and will prompt you to enter your credit card information. We use ‘Stripe’, a trusted payment gateway, to ensure your payment is securely processed. After the transaction, your credit card statement will show the charge under the name ‘’.”

Interviews are bundled as a package, eliminating the need for account cancellation. Once you’ve utilized all the interviews in your package, there’s no cancellation required as we do not apply recurring charges

Reimbursements will be calculated proportionally, based on the specific package purchased and its usage.

We’ll keep your video interviews safe and accessible for six months. However, we recommend downloading your videos and securing them within your own company’s storage system for long-term retention

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